About Us


Kocaeli University Technopark, located in the "capital of industry", at an important point where industry and trade routes meet, aims to contribute to qualified employment, technological products based on import substitution, and innovation on which the future will be shaped, in order to develop high value-added technology.

KOU Technopark, which was established on February 20, 2004, in an environment intertwined with nature with an open area of 114 thousand square meters, a closed area of ​​10 thousand square meters and 150 offices, plans to increase its capacity and to meet all kinds of technological, socio-cultural needs of its companies with the opening of its two buildings under construction.

KOU Technopark; Kocaeli University also leads the technological development of the region with the power it gets strength from the partnerships of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, Gebze Chamber of Commerce, and GOSB Technopark.

Continuing to serve as a digital transformation and innovation center, KOU Technopark continues its industry-oriented services uninterruptedly with the support of expert consultants and technology companies.

KOU Technopark,

■ It pioneers technology transfer that accelerates digital transformation between academics and companies, and between companies and companies.

■ Technology Transfer Office, with international business networks such as Enterprise Europe Network, CoSME and projects such as BIGG TEPE, Technopark contributes to the acceleration of the project processes of companies and young entrepreneurs, bringing their products to the market and reaching their targets for export.

■ Laser, Advanced Materials and Alternative Fuels laboratories enable academic knowledge to be transformed into value-added products, enabling both students and academics to meet directly with the private sector, thus contributing to the economy.

■ It offers high standard opportunities and services to entrepreneurs with its incubation and pre-incubation centers designed as open offices in order to encourage the production of technological knowledge and the commercialization of the produced knowledge.

■ Entrepreneurs who want to improve their products and production methods, and increase their product quality and standard, can benefit from the Brand Test Center located in the technological infrastructure of KOUTechnopark.

■ KOUTechnopark also contributes to the sharing of technological knowledge, strengthening cooperation between technoparks and increasing the R&D awareness of the society with its digital and printed GASTEARGE.

■ Cultural sharing and communication constitute the key point of transforming into an information society. Acting with this understanding, KOU Technopark also makes new investments in social sharing areas. In this context, it has a cafe, restaurant, cafeteria, hobby, and sports centers. In addition, Technopark offers a Green Box Video and Photo Studio where 

companies can perform all kinds of video and photography productions so that they can market their products and increase their digital visibility.

In KOU Teknopark, 65% of its companies operate in the informatics and 11% in electronics sectors, the other sectoral distribution is as follows: Energy, automotive, recycling, packaging, manufacturing industry, maritime, food industry, automotive supply industry, medical, construction, machinery, and equipment manufacturing, chemistry.

Some of the other advantages offered by Technopark are as follows:

■ Exemption from income and corporate tax until the end of 2028 for the income and corporate taxpayers operating in the region from software and R&D activities in the region.

Insurance premium support: Insurance premium support: The exemption of half of the employer's share of the insurance premium calculated over the wages of R&D and support personnel for their work until 31 December 2028,

■ In addition, VAT exemption is provided for software produced in the region.