Mining Big Data Clusters Webinar

“Big Data Clusters Mining Webinar” will be held on May 18, 2022, between 14.00-15.30.


  • We will learn about mining different types of data:
    • Data is high dimensional
    • Data is a graph
    • Data is endless / never ending (flowing)
    • Data is labeled or unlabeled
  • We will learn to use different calculation models:
    • MapReduce
    • Streams and online algorithms
    • Single machine in-memory
  • We will learn to solve real-world problems:
    • Recommendation systems
    • Market Basket Analysis
    • Spam detection
    • Duplicate (duplicate document detection)
  • We will learn about various “tools”:
    • Linear algebra (SVD, Rec. Sys., Communities)
    • Optimization (stochastic gradient descent)
    • Dynamic programming (frequent sets of items)
    • Hashing (LSH, Bloom filters)

Webinar related information:

· It is free of charge.
· After the program no certificate will be issued.


Süleyman Eken,

He received his master's and doctorate degrees in Computer Engineering from Kocaeli University. He worked as a research assistant in the same department between 2010-2019. He is still working as an Associate Professor at Kocaeli University, Department of Information Systems Engineering. His main research studies are distributed systems, big data analysis and intelligent transportation. Dr. Eken has been a referee in many scientific journals in his field. He also works as an editor for the journals "Cluster Computing", "Concurrency And Computation-Practice & Experience" and "Journal of Metaverse".

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